TUSA Console Manometer And Depth Meter




Console consisting of pressure gauge and depth gauge

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Tusa Console Manometer And Depth Meter

Professional scuba console, ideal for divers using a wrist computer and wish to have other updated information on different quadrants. Tough rubber cover, luminescence and the highest quality make the pressure gauge and depth gauge console Tusa the ideal tool to attach to your gav for both professional and beginners.

Tusa console tools

The manometer, located at the bottom, reaches up to 350bar of maximum pressure and constantly monitors the instantaneous internal pressure of the cylinders, it is easy to read because the graduated scale is multicolored and iridescent, for reading even in situations where light is low. In the central part of the pressure gauge, a small, easily readable thermometer is located. The magnified depth meter at the top of the console can measure the depth of dive up to 70m, even this instrument is equipped with iridescent scale for night or deep water reading, plus a hand that defines the maximum depth at which you come And can be used as a recording or control tool, depending on the user's choice.


  • Console with anti-shock rubber coating
  • Professional tool
  • Manometer up to 350bar
  • Depth meter up to 70m
  • Iridescent graduated instrumentation
  • Integrated thermometer

Tusa scuba hardware and accessories and accessories

Tusa is a Japanise company producing best quality scuba harware, from masks to computers Tusa put a decade of experience to your service. Find between the moltitude of special Tusa patents, features, colours the hardware you need. More than 20 maks, more than 10 fins, scuba lights, BCJs, knives. Tusa bring the nipponic quality underwater, only to transform you in a scuba professional.


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