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Scuba multifunction computer

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Tusa IQ-Talis, Scuba multifunction computer

The scuba computer Tusa Iq-Talis was conceived, designed and built keeping in mind the recreational diving underwater, so all the scuba are looking for a complete product with all the functions needed for underwater activity, but at the same time easy and intuitive with an aesthetically pleasing line, to be taken out of the water.

Features of Tusa Scuba Computer Iq-Talis

The scuba computer Tusa Talis is fashionable, available in white or black color, can be customized with blue and pink covers delivered directly inside the box. Its four buttons and clearly visible characters, with instant backlight, make the computer simple and easy to use in any circumstance, even out of the water. In fact, with the dual-time function, alarms, timers and countdown timer, chronograph, date and time set in the display, it becomes an enviable object for everyday use. In the depths this sub computer that can reach 100m can count on four different dive modes, each with several options to better suit the action being taken. The quadrant displays three displays and two bar graphs to display all the information you need during dives. Replaceable lithium ion battery.

Functions of Scuba Computer Tusa Talis

The four modes are divided into: Clock Mode, Normal Dive Mode or Normal Diving, where you can switch between air and two Nitrogen Blends, Instrument Mode or Gauge Mode that only traces depth and dive time, Free mode Dive that displays data without triggering the ratio and depth alarms set. The options that can be set in the various modes are air/gas blend for two cylinders, two selectable mixes, depth alarm, descent alarm, conservative factor, DECO, DECO alarm, O2 and PO2 alarm, dive time alarm, remaining time alarm set, NiBG alarm (nitrogen). The display, on the other hand, allows you to have depth eyesight, depth / rise ratio, maximum depth, pressure, dive time, gas control, two hours and much more. In addition, the Scuba Computer Tusa Talis will memorize the last 24 dives and can be programmed, thanks to the PC program for connection and programming, provided in the box.


  • Control of two cylinders
  • Control of two air / gas mixes
  • Algorithm Buhlmann ZHL 16C
  • Desaturating countdown
  • Programmable, four operating modes
  • Two interchangeable covers

Tusa scuba hardware and accessories and accessories

Tusa is a Japanise company producing best quality scuba harware, from masks to computers Tusa put a decade of experience to your service. Find between the moltitude of special Tusa patents, features, colours the hardware you need. More than 20 maks, more than 10 fins, scuba lights, BCJs, knives. Tusa bring the nipponic quality underwater, only to transform you in a scuba professional.


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