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Scuba mask for free diving

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Tusa Panthes scuba mask for fishermen and freedivers

The underwater mask Tusa Panthes has been designed and built with only one objective in mind, low internal air volume. The eyes of the user are very close to the lenses, allowing for optimum visibility to a comfortable fit. The Panthes mask is equipped with a 3D strap, a wider system than usual, which allows for optimal fit. The strap is also fast adjustable in five sizes and in one of the vertical positions in 180 degrees.

Tusa Panthes Scuba Mask Technologies

The Panthes underwater mask is incredibly compact, the internal volume is just 120 cm in cubic meters, weighing no more than 150g. The fingerspace during compensation is also ideal with a 5mm thick glove.

Using the Panthes Scuba mask

The Panthes mask has been designed for diving in fishing with harpoon, for freediver, and is usually the right choice for those who want an easy-to-compensate, lightweight, and visually appealing mask.


  • Freediving Scuba Mask with low volume internal space
  • Ideal for puppy fishing with a shotgun or float in freediving
  • Wide visibility
  • Weight 150g

Tusa scuba hardware and accessories and accessories

Tusa is a Japanise company producing best quality scuba harware, from masks to computers Tusa put a decade of experience to your service. Find between the moltitude of special Tusa patents, features, colours the hardware you need. More than 20 maks, more than 10 fins, scuba lights, BCJs, knives. Tusa bring the nipponic quality underwater, only to transform you in a scuba professional.


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