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WhiteShark Tini is the first innovative under water seascooter with a compact and powerful single propeller, which allows you to reach the speed of most dual motor underwater scooters.
Designed for both adults and children, Sublue Tini is the lightweight, practical, handy and versatile seascooter and its design ensures you a perfect combination of stability and control. Lightweight, portable and easy to use thanks to the two side buttons that allow an easy start and a quick stop, to ensure greater safety.

WHITESHARK TINI technical features

With its 2 speed switches, WhiteShark Tini reaches up 1,4 m/s. It has a rechargeable lithium battery and thanks to the industry-leading technology, it is able to operate at depths of 20m.Thanks to WhiteShark Tini’s modular design, you can easily attach two scooters together to double the power and double the fun. On top of that, WhiteShark Tini is perfect for the whole family. By attaching two WhiteShark Tini, you can go as fast as 2m/s with its 2 gear speed options.
WhiteShark Tini comes with integrated support for smartphone and for action cameras or lights.



  •          Dimensions: 355x135x135mm
  •          Weight: 3 kg
  •          Buoyancy: adjustable
  •          Velocità max: 1,4 m/s (single) - 2 m/s (double)
  •          Max depth: 20m
  •          Battery: lithium (122wh)
  •          Battery life: 35 minutes
  •          Battery weight: 870g
  •          Interface: integrated support for smartphone and for action cameras or lights
  •          Charger
  •          Age: 8+
  •          BASIC VERSION: seascooter only
  •          TRAVEL VERSION: 1 WhiteShark Tini + floater  
  •          PROFESSIONAL VERSION: 2 seascooter + double-engine support handle

Sublue Pulizia, Manutenzione e Conservazione FAI DA TE

Con Sublue abbatti i costi di gestione e aumenta le prestazioni del prodotto: grazie alla pulizia e manutenzione fai da te la conservazione del tuo Sublue sarà ottimale!

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