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Sea Doo Seascooter GTI Special Edition: the best seller

Sea Doo Seascooter GTI Special Edition in red color is the evolution of its gray predecessor. Seascooter Sea Doo GTI is the best selling and is present on the market from several years; now seal and electronics have been improved, keeping unchanged the design that allows even the most demanding a full customization.


The model was one of the first Sea Doo Seascooter and over the years it has gained the reputation of being one of the most reliable instruments for diving and for professional activities for leisure. The ease of use is understood immediately by the form, to use it you just have to hold the handles, press both commands and the propeller will begin to move. The position is natural, to change direction you just need to point it in a new one.


Aquascooter Sea Doo Seascooter GTI has single speed and gives the maximum in any situation, up to thirty meters deep. With its low weight, only 8.3kg, it will be easy to take it with you to the beach or by boat and then dive into the depths. You can use your Sea Doo GTI also as a tender. The weight system is quick and easy, just remove the top cap and access to the sealed chamber where to put the desired weight. Always use medium sized materials materials in order to avoid locking the cover of the ballast chamber.

NB: help us to keep a clean world, recycle the batteries of your Sea Doo Seascooter properly. When in doubt, don't hesistate to contact Bluedream: we're here to suggest you the best solution!


Sea Doo Seascooter GTI Red Special Edition is tested and guaranteed for up to thirty meters depth, having withstood tests of tightness up to four atmospheres of pressure. The speed in water is variable depending on various situations (water density, volume carried to the surface current, counter-currents etc), as standard value is defined in 4 Km/h, this speed allows to cover up to 3 Km. The original battery lasts 2 hours in continuous use.

The lead-acid battery - 12V 12Ah - can be recharged in 8 hours and can be removed by taking off the cover with the use of provided air pump.

* Specifications are tested in a controlled way. The speed is defined as speed of the water that leaves the pump with the product in the pool. All values are valid only for product as new and in perfect condition.


In the original package you will find your original Sea Doo Seascooter GTI packed with polystyrene contours to ensure the total safety of the aquascooter during the transport (please keep the original packaging), battery charger, the silicone grease for the seals, air pump to remove battery chamber, Seascooter original bag and use and maintenance instructions.

CHOOSE the battery that best suits your needs!

Many customers buy the 12V 15Ah battery that further extends the fun up to fifteen minutes longer. It will therefore be easy to replace the battery once download and dive in the water.

Technical features SEA DOO SEASCOOTER GTI:

  • Battery charger
  • Battery 12V / 12Ah lasting 2 hours
  • Electrical circuit watertight
  • Automatic shutdown system in case of obstruction of the propeller
  • Protection system accidental infiltration of water.
  • Silicone gel: supplied
  • Carry bag: supplied
  • Blower to open compartment: supplied
  • O-ring for safe opening : supplied
  • Possibility of ballasting
  • Minimum age of the user: 16 years under the control of an adult.


  • Battery life: 2 hours
  • Power supply: lead-acid battery
  • Maximum depth: 30 meters
  • Weight: 8.2 kg
  • Maximum speed: 4 km / h
  • Speed number: 1

Do you need parts for your Sea Doo Seascooter?

Visit our SPAREPARTS or ACCESSORIES page or type in the SEARCH box the name of your Sea Doo Seascooter to view all related spare parts.

Bluedream is the only Sea Doo Seascooter repair and maintenance centre in Italy. Need more info? Click here!

 Bluedream is the only esclusive distributor of this product, we strongly recommend to purchase the product only from the ufficial dealer network highlighted in our web site.

Curb weight8.2Kg
Warranty esclusions6 month for the battery
ColourRed and black
Battery level gaugeNo
Accessoriesbuoyancy chamber
Depth ratingTill 30 m
Run timeTill 1.5 hours
StaringElectrical starter
Lifetime warranty2 years
Battery12V/12Ah rechargeable
Maximum speed4Km/h
Full charging time6-8 hours
Transmission systemGears
No. of Speeds1
EngineElectrical engine

Sea Doo Seascooter electrical aquascooter for scuba or snorkeling

Sea Doo Seascooter is the name of the diver propulsion vehicle signed Sea Doo. Stallion, American manufacturer, design the Seascooters branded Sea Doo, thanks to an agreement with the Canadian Company BRP. Sea Doo Seasocoter follow the higher quality and innovtaion standard to meet the best expectations. Bluedream is the official italian distributor of Sea Doo Seascooter products, we grant you the warranty and the efficiency on repairs, accessories and spare parts availability and customer experience.


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