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Sea Doo Seascooter RS1. The perfect series, the excellence Seascooter.

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Sea Doo Seascooter RS1. The perfect series

Lithium-ion battery 12Ah, 500W brushless electric motor, three-speed, maximum depth of forty meters: these are the data that matter when you talk about the RS1 model!


The first thought that comes to your mind when you pick up the RS1 is that it can't be so light and be so powerful; thanks to the use of li-ion battery and a specific study of volumes, it was possible to create a small jewel of performance in a compact and hydrodynamic design that can also mantain low weight.

RS1 model has a multihull design that automatically makes neutral buoyancy at any depth.

Sea Doo Seascooter RS1 can accommodate various accessories: cameras, bags, weights and batteries. Weights that are used to make a negative trim are contained in the package and housed in the special slot that you can find in the handle, making faster and easier the balance buoyance operation.

The propeller activation buttons are positioned so as to be pressed with thumbs, in order to have a secure grip on the Seascooter, greater directionality and control.

Propeller speed is easily selectable by activation buttons, and a convenient led indicator can alert you about battery charge.

RS1 model is provided with two deflectors to be positioned in the appropriate slot around the propeller to improve the stability.

Safety is the basis of Sea Doo Seascooter RS1: the body design that protects the propeller makes it difficult to reach with bare hands, fast charging system, sensors that stop the working if flooding, over-absorption of the electric motor or attainment of high temperatures in the circuits of the electronic board.

Use a Sea Doo Seascooter RS1 is very simple: just dive and press the buttons to select the desired speed.

To change your direction just point your Seascooter to where you want to go. To stop the propeller simply release one of the two buttons.


Aquascooter Sea Doo Seascooter RS1 has a neutral buoyancy that can be changed as needed, thanks to the weights included in the original package or the use of original Sea Doo buoys (sold separately).

Waterproofness is obtained thanks to a series of devices: the perfect coupling of the parts and a series of silicone seals which do not allow water to enter even when pressure reaches five atmospheres, that is 40 meters deep.

RS1 has lithium-ion battery, led battery charge indicator, brushless electric motor and transmission belt, so it's totally reliable, emission-free, environmentally friendly and very quiet.

You will get close to the fish in total comfort and safety, without these being bothered by the sound of your underwater Sea Doo Seascooter engine.

NB: help us to keep a clean world, recycle the batteries of your Sea Doo Seascooter properly. When in doubt, don't hesistate to contact Bluedream: we're here to suggest you the best solution!


Sea Doo Seascooter RS1 is tested and guaranteed up to forty meters deeper depth. The speed in water is variable depending on the situations (water density, carried volume to the surface current, counter-currents). As standard value is defined in 7 Km/h in the third available speed; this speed allows to cover up to 6 km. In the first speed, the original battery lasts an hour and a half in continuous use.

The lithium-ion battery from 22.2 volts and 12 ampere hours (22.2V 12Ah) can be recharged in just seven hours and can be removed by removing the cover pool with the use of the supplied air pump.

*These features are tested in a controlled way. The speed is defined as speed of the water that leaves the pump with the product in the pool. All values are valid only for product as new and in perfect condition.


In the original package you will find your original Sea Doo Seascooter RS1 packed with polystyrene contours to ensure the total safety of the aquascooter during the transport (please keep the original packaging), battery charger with correct voltage, connector for simple charging when battery is inside the aquascooter, weights to make negative buoyancy, air pump, flow deflectors for stabilization, original Sea Doo Seascooter shoulder strap and use and maintenance instructions.

You can also buy the carrying case with shoulder strap and floating weights, branded RS Sea Doo Seascooter, to make positive your aquascooter.


Thanks to the partnership with GoPro, all RS models are equipped with built-in GoPro support to be placed over the handlebars, so that you can resume perfectly everything that happens. The GoPro accessory holder is affordable and can be installed on all previous years RS. BUY a GoPro camera with your new RS1 Sea Doo Seascooter and save on total cost of the two items!

Technical features:

  • Maximum depth: 50 meters (160 ft)
  • Recommended maximum depth: 40 meters (130 ft)
  • Power supply: Lithium battery
  • Battery voltage: 22.2 V
  • Battery strength: 12 Ah
  • Range at first speed: 90 minutes
  • Battery pod: with waterproof vent plug
  • Dimensions: 61x30x32 cm
  • Weight: 9.5 kg
  • Power: 500 watts
  • Maximum speed: 7 km/h (3.78 NM)
  • Gears/speed: 3
  • Buoyancy : neutral
  • Floating chamber: autofill
  • Modification structure: possible thanks to 4 supplied seals
  • Handle: Ergonomic
  • Automatic shutdown: if released a trigger
  • Indicator of battery charge LED
  • Circuit pond
  • Warning signal for water infiltration
  • Automatic shutdown

Sea Doo Seascooter RS1 equipment:

  • Charger for fast charging
  • Li-ion battery 22.2V / 12Ah - rechargeable
  • User guide in English (the Italian one can be downloaded from "Downloads" tab of this article)
  • Blower to remove battery cover
  • O-ring for retention battery cover (refer to the user guide)
  • Silicone gel to use O-rings and seals
  • Ballast weight
  • Deflectors
  • GoPro mounting kit

Do you need parts for your Sea Doo Seascooter?

Visit our SPARE PARTS or ACCESSORIES page or type in the SEARCH box the name of your Sea Doo Seascooter to view all related spare parts.

Bluedream is the only Sea Doo Seascooter repair and maintenance centre in Italy. Need more info? Click here!

Sea Doo Seascooter electrical aquascooter for scuba or snorkeling

Sea Doo Seascooter is the name of the diver propulsion vehicle signed Sea Doo. Stallion, American manufacturer, design the Seascooters branded Sea Doo, thanks to an agreement with the Canadian Company BRP. Sea Doo Seasocoter follow the higher quality and innovtaion standard to meet the best expectations. Bluedream is the official italian distributor of Sea Doo Seascooter products, we grant you the warranty and the efficiency on repairs, accessories and spare parts availability and customer experience.


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